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notaflashlight's Journal

Danyel Mortensen
1 April
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i'm not a flashlight;

about me.

○ Born in Copenhagen, Denmark
○ Family moved to New York when she was five years old
○ She graduated from NYU - Journalism
○ Has two older brothers

More info will be added later.

so what did you expect? ;

there's even more.

Photokinesis, also called Lumokinesis, Luminokinesis or Photon/Light Manipulation is the ability to mentally alter light particles so that one might be able to generate, manipulate and intensify light at will. This ability can be used to increase one’s vision range, bend light around oneself (to turn invisible), perhaps bend light to cast optical illusions, and even fire offensive lasers, rays or bolts of light, of varying heat and intensity (from heat rays to freeze rays), or just concussive light beams. One with this ability may even be able to form solid constructs of light or access the abilities Luminescence and/or Light Absorption.

[Scarlett Johansson belongs to herself but Danyel is my own creation. Do not steal.]